I have known United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, NJ-R-2 for more than 30 years.

Van Drew is as kind, decent and loyal that you will ever find. He is loyal with friendships in his personal life and just as loyal in his elective public service life.

Both qualities are quite rare these days.

So, it should come as no surprise that Van Drew is one of the first members of The United States Congress to endorse former United States President Donald Trump’s 3rd run for The Presidency.

With Van Drew, it all comes down to loyalty and Trump’s policies while he was President from 2017 through 2020.

In a recent interview with Van Drew, he rattled off a list of items that worked extraordinarily well during the Trump Presidency:

  • $ 2.30 for a gallon of gasoline.
  • Food prices were affordable.
  • America was energy independent and a net oil exporter.
  • Inflation was zero. Now it’s 8 percent.
  • Wages in every demographic we’re at an all time high.
  • Effective border/immigration strategy was working.
  • Effective foreign policy.

Van Drew noted that all of these things have been broken over the past two years, under the failed policies of President Joe Biden.

On November 8, 2022, Van Drew won his 3rd consecutive term in the United States House of Representatives, defeating Democrat challenger Tim Alexander by a massive 20 point margin, while garnering more than 61 percent of the vote.

Van Drew has now won election to The United States Congress, once as a Democrat and the past two election cycles as a Republican.

In 2020, Van Drew became the first member of The House of Representatives to leave the majority political party for the minority party.

This January 3, 2023, Van Drew will return to the majority, as Republicans have regained the majority as a result of the November 8, 2022 midterm elections.

Back in August 13, 2022, we confirmed that Van Drew is under serious consideration to be President Trump’s Vice Presidential running mate.

If you missed our previous coverage, here it is:

New Jersey’s Van Drew Is Under Serious Consideration for Trump VP

Read More: New Jersey’s Van Drew Is Under Serious Consideration for Trump VP

In discussions that we have had with Van Drew, he stated that he is honored by it, won’t rule it out … however, he advised that he is focused on being New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District’s elected representative.

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