Years ago, many … likely most people threw away their music vinyl albums.

It appeared that the format was dead and companies and people moved on to the digital age.

Just like when the 8 Track format transitioned to Cassette Tapes, which then went to CD’s … followed by CD’s transitioning to various digital formats.

Things have changed over time. First, vinyl albums came roaring back in consumer popularity … lending for conversations from so many people talking about throwing away their vinyl album collections long ago.

I once had a great vinyl album collection, which I tossed away … The Beatles, along with many other popular musical groups of the late 1960’s and 1970’s.

My collection was vast and would be worth a small fortune today. It’s gone forever. Not everyone threw away their vinyl collections, but, many/most did.

The atmosphere of the day was that the country had turned the page on the vinyl format.

Yet, America has long made a habit of going back to the future, in clothing styles and with many other things.

Some never tossed their vinyl records … because there is a distinct quality to the sound of music on vinyl vs. digital.

History has repeated itself and many … again, if not most people threw their CD music format collections away.

However, just like vinyl records, CD’s are roaring back in popularity.

Again, people believed that the newest format (digital) would replace CD’s forever.

My Brother Don has shared an article (at on his social media page titled: “3 Trends That Prove CDs are Making a Comeback.”

It concludes that “Although vinyl has made plenty of headlines in recent years, the CD remains a popular choice for collectors. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, 111 million CDs have been purchased over the last three years,”

The article also reports that new CD sales have increased for the first time in 17 years, accounting for a whopping 23.1 percent of total sales in 2022.

The concision is that a combination of music artists, fans, and record labels have brought back CD’s Roy a new era of prosperity. wrote, “As the demand for physical music rises, artists like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and BTS have contributed to the popularity of the CD by releasing their recent albums on the format.”

Artists are giving the fans what they want and just like vinyl, CD’s are in the process of making a strong comeback.

Some recording artists are presently doing limited release CD only albums … which is smart from a business standpoint … because recording artists are having their music ripped-off without compensation.

Because popular artists are releasing CD only music, a younger generation is now purchasing CD’s.

I did not make the same mistake regarding my DVD (movie) collection. I’ve gone digital, but, I have an extensive collection of DVD’s packed away in saturate boxes, stored at room temperature. reports that, “the past three years have seen a surge in listings due to a few factors, including new releases on CD, vinyl production delays, and renewed interest in physical music from Millennial and Gen Z collectors.”

Delays in vinyl album manufacturing has also helped to fuel the CD upsurge.

The moral of today’s study is … Do not throw away your CD collection.


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