He’s been called (New) “Jersey Joe Biden” … “Scranton Joe” Biden … “Lunchpail Joe” Biden, “Amtrak Joe Biden,” among other nicknames.

All of them are fake.

Perhaps now, Biden joins former United States President Donald Trump in mastering the “Art of The Deal,” a best selling book written by Trump (with co-author Tony Schwartz) and published on November 1, 1987.

Mr. Biden’s “Opus” was delivered this past Friday, August 11, 2023, co-authored by United States Attorney General Merrick Garland.

When a corrupt, sweet heart plea deal for First Son Hunter Biden collapsed after Federal Judge Maryellen Noreika discovered an unprecedented blanket immunity deal on page 15 … The Biden Family needed a quick game-changer.

They got it when Garland stepped in to save the day. It is a dirty play, but, masterclass filthy in your face politics.

Garland announced the appointment of David Weiss as a Special Counsel, “to investigate Robert Hunter Biden.”

Garland has long maintained that Weiss already had all of the powers that he needed to prosecute Hunter Biden.

Messrs. Shapley and Ziegler, IRS Whistleblowers testified otherwise while under oath during recent Congressional hearings.

Further, if Weiss already had all of the powers of a Special Counsel, why then did Garland make him a Special Counsel now?

Garland also advised that Weiss will remain as United States Attorney for Delaware.

Under the qualifications to be eligible to be a United States Special Counsel,  it clearly states that:

"The Special Counsel shall be selected from outside the United States Government."

Weiss is a federal government employee, so Garland has blatantly violated the law by appointing Weiss.

But, of course, Garland wanted to appoint Weiss, who has already displayed undying loyalty for The Biden Family.

Weiss has already allowed the statute of limitations to expire regarding numerous alleged criminal offenses (tax, gun and foreign influence lobbying schemes) over the past more than 5 years.

By comparison, look at the pace at which multiple prosecutions of President Trump are proceeding at warp speed.

By naming a Special Counsel, Garland has placed control of this significant problem back in the hands of President Biden … because make no mistake about it, Weiss reports to Garland and Garland reports to Biden.

This also securely puts any decisions and final government criminal report about The Biden’s past the November 5, 2024 Presidential election.

Don’t expect anything to come as a result of Special Counsel Weiss’ efforts … because he’s the same person who slow-walked this matter for the past 5 1/2 years and Weiss is the architect of the Biden sweetheart deal that would have resulted in no jail time for Hunter Biden.

When the plea deal collapsed because of an honest federal judge, Garland immediately swooped in to rescue The Biden’s again.

The New York Post reported today that … “Former White House correspondent Emerald Robinson quipped, "Appointing David Weiss is like appointing a crack pipe to 'investigate' Hunter Biden."

Weiss is now the Special Counsel because he has demonstrated supreme loyalty to The Biden Family.

Here are just a few of the favors that Weiss has already done according to whistleblowers:

  • Shut down investigations.
  • Tipped off suspects before federal searches were to take place.
  • Failure to interview Hunter Biden.
  • Hiding FBI documents.
  • Firing IRS investigators who wanted to properly do their job.

Weiss was also scheduled to testify before Congress next month. That won’t happen now.

And, The Biden White House will now say that the whole matter is in the hands of a Special Counsel and that they can’t responsibly comment about an ongoing investigation.

The scope of the corruption is breathtaking.

President Trump will likely be indicted for a 4th time this week in the state of Georgia.

Meanwhile, the statute of limitations regarding Hunter Biden’s alleged gun felony runs out this October, 2023, along with other alleged crimes.

Just look at the blatant, two-tiered system of justice that exists in America today.

The filth and stench of this corruption may inspire more FBI, DOJ and IRS whistleblowers to come forward.

The Biden’s are controlling this process at every turn within the immense political power that they still possess, however, never underestimate the American people, who will have the ultimate say in how all of this turns out in the end.

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