The federal government is at it, again.

First, they came after your gasoline powered car.

Next, they targeted the following home appliances:


It’s always all in the name of implementing so-called green energy.

Some of the new changes are scheduled to take effect over the next 3-6 years would lead to a significant increase in the cost for various home appliances.

Now, the federal government is coming after water heaters.

The federal government says that new energy standards for home appliances will save projected $ 11 billion.

Critics believe just the opposite. They feel that there will be a significant increase in the price of appliances that are being regulated in such a heavy-handed manner.

The Biden Administration is on a glide path to regulate every single appliance.

When the first news report came out about the federal government, looking to regulate gas, stoves, many resorted to name-calling, and said that this was a lie.

It was not a lie.

If the Biden ministration gets his way, many Basic home appliances that you can purchase today… You will not be able to purchase in the not too distant future.

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