If you’re wondering what Steve Sweeney is going to do after leaving the New Jersey State Senate Presidency … we can let you know right now.

Steve Sweeney is planning to run for Governor of New Jersey in 2025.

Don’t let Sweeney’s loss of his 3rd District New Jersey State Senate seat fool you. There are no excuses for the loss … but, it can readily and objectively be explained.

  • Sweeney took a completely unknown opponent too lightly.
  • Sweeney was more worried about other races last election cycle, than he was of his own race and he got caught “sleeping.”
  • New Jersey’s District 3 has been turning more moderate to right of center over the years.
  • Sweeney got swept away during a massive Republican wave election.

In my estimation, Sweeney is the early favorite for the 2025 Democratic Nomination for Governor.

Sweeney possesses legitimate and hard-earned state-wide name recognition, along with the pedigree required to run for election in all 21 New Jersey Counties at the same time.

Sweeney is a prodigious fundraiser. He has also demonstrated the ability to work well with both political parties. This is very sorely lacking in electoral public service in our present divided times.

Before Governor Phil Murphy came out of seemingly nowhere to knock Sweeney and Jersey City Mayor Steve Fullop right from their previous front-runner status … Sweeney was the favorite to become Governor of New Jersey four years ago.

Sweeney is a viable state-wide candidate. Sweeney is the longest-serving State Senate President in New Jersey history.

My too early prediction for 2025 has it Steve Sweeney versus Jack Ciatterelli for Governor of New Jersey.

Ciatterelli has a lock on the Republican Nomination for 2025. Ciatterelli has earned it with his performance in the 2021 Republican Primary and impressive General Election versus Governor Murphy.

A likely Democratic Primary between Sweeney and Fullop will be intense and expensive. With the final outcome very much in doubt just less than 4 years from now.

New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver may also seek the Democratic Nomination.

Make no mistake about it … you haven’t heard the last of or from Steve Sweeney. It’s very likely that he will be running for Governor.

Sweeney all but told this to members of The New Jersey State Association of Pipe Trades Conference recently in Atlantic City.

Stay Tuned, with Governor Murphy not on the ballot in 2025, there will be an open seat for Governor of New Jersey. It will be a very interesting selection process.

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