This is a very sad story. The year was was 2009 and Chris Christie was scared that he was going to lose the election to then New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine.

Word about Christie was spreading throughout the state in the final days of the election that Christie was going to make significant cuts that would negatively impact both police officers and firefighters.

Christie personally reached out to my twin brother, Don Hurley, who is a former President of The Atlantic City PBA Local 24.

Christie’s exact words to Don were, "I'm a lawman just like you. Your pensions and benefits will always be safe with me. I'll never touch them,“ said Christie after shaking Don’s hand and making this unconditional promise.

Christie also wrote a letter, confirming his unambiguous promise.

Don took Christie at his word and helped him to survive this challenging issue.

“Exactly 3 days after his election (Christie broke his word) and began to propose freezing our COLA and other benefits,” said Don Hurley.

Christie said that Governor Corzine was lying about him. It turns out that Corzine and others were telling the truth about Christie … and, it was Christie who lied about lying.

Here is the letter that Chris Christie wrote, confirming his promise.

Don Hurley letter.
Don Hurley letter.

That was more than 13 years ago and hard working retired New Jersey police officers and firefighters have had their pensions frozen at the same pay that they retired with 13 years ago.

Just imagine trying to make it on your wage from 13 years ago.

The inflation that his occurred over the past 13 years has been massive.

Now, the retired public safety officers of Atlantic City are dealing with a significant health benefits insurance issue.

The City of Atlantic City went away from local insurance brokers to an out-of-town company,

During a live WPG Talk Radio 95.5 interview on Wednesday, February 7, 2024 with Ron DiGiovanni, he outline the significant problems that the retired members are presently dealing with.

DiGiovanni is a retired Atlantic City Police Detective and he is the current President of the Atlantic County Retired Police and Firefighters Association.

DiGiovanni discussed that the City of Atlantic City sent letters out advising that the City of Atlantic City had withdrawn from the New Jersey State Health Insurance Benefits.

For more than 1 1/2 years, these retired public safety officers have not received a bill for any insurance co-pays, deductibles, etc.

However, the many insurance charges are accumulating, leaving the retired officers concerned about a very large bill that is mounting.

DiGiovanni also publicly mentioned that New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina and his chief of staff, Joe Berg have been helpful.

New Jersey public safety officers are also dealing with a myriad of other issues, including, a Windfall Tax and firearm requirements.

These public officers have been unjustly forced to live with a frozen wage and are in a very vulnerable position.

They are exempt from social security and these changes were enacted after they had fairly negotiated benefits and were now retired.

This will likely have to wait for Jack Ciatterelli, who is the prohibitive favorite to be the next Governor of New Jersey.

Ciatterelli has promised to fix this disgraceful situation.

Unlike Chris Christie, Jack Ciatterelli always keeps his word.

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