One Google search and this entire embarrassing incident could have been avoided.

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka thought that he had invited representatives of the Hindu nation of Kailasa to Newark City Hall.

The purpose was to sign a cultural trade agreement. However, there is no Hindu nation of Kailasa.

Baraka had been scammed.

It wasn’t until after a formal ceremony was held that they discovered that they had been faked out.

CBS2's Ali Bauman was the first that we saw to report this embarrassing story.

It gets worse. CBS2 reported that “Though it has a detailed website,"Kailasa" has no real government. It's the brainchild of Swami Nithyananda, a notorious scam artist and fugitive from India who has been on the run from rape charges since 2019.” according to CBS2.

Newark City Councilman Luis Quintana said that "This is an oversight, cannot happen any longer.”

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Newark City Hall issued the following public statement:

"Although this was a regrettable incident, the city of Newark remains committed to partnering with people from diverse cultures in order to enrich each other with connectivity, support, and mutual respect."

You can be rest assured, knowing that the next time the City of Newark does so called cultural outreach to other nations … they will first rev up their search engines on the information super highway … to first determine if the “nation” exists in the first place.

Lesson learned. The hard way!

SOURCES: CBS2 & Jessie Watters, Fox News Channel.

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