In 1968, a gentleman by the name of Len Soucy bought a home with 14 acres of property in Millington, New Jersey, where he cared for birds in his backyard.

Soon after, his backyard project had become what is now the Raptor Trust.

The Raptor Trust is one of the premier wild bird rehabilitation centers in the United States.

Len Soucy created one of the first facilities that provided care to injured and orphaned predatory birds. In the early days, their efforts were on a smaller level, taking care of birds in the backyard with the help and support of his wife Diane and son Chris.

According to their website, "By the late 1970s hundreds of birds of all kinds, not just raptors were admitted annually."

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By the early 1980s, the project became much larger and the Soucy's could no longer finance alone. In 1982 the project took the name of The Raptor Trust and was established as a nonprofit corporation in New Jersey.

Thousands of wild birds have been healed and released into the wild through the work of The Raptor Trust. On-site they have a fully equipped medical infirmary, including an intensive care wing, exterior housing for several hundred birds, and an education building.

The Raptor Trust is an important location to be aware of in case you even encounter an injured bird. The Raptor Trust is available to help and they have plenty of information available online. If you have found an injured bird, CLICK HERE for information on what to do next.

You can also visit the Raptor Trust and see the birds that are permanent residents there. I enjoy a trip to The Raptor Trust to enjoy the sight of these majestic birds. They are home to two bald eagles that could not survive on their own in the wild. They also are home to many different owls, hawks, and many other birds. I recently ran into Sherri Stern who is the Director of Education, she was with one of their owls on their way to an educational program with a local school.

Shari Stern, Director of Education at the Raptor Trust
Shari Stern, Director of Education at the Raptor Trust

One of their main goals, aside from caring for the birds, is educating people about wild birds, especially birds of prey. The professionals at the Raptor Trust are able to give these birds their best chance at recovery and when they are able to, they are released into an area where they can thrive.

Visiting the Raptor Trust is free, but they suggest a $2 donation. They are located at 1390 White Bridge Road, Millington, NJ. You can visit their website by clicking HERE.

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