Last week, we told you about a New Jersey man who was arrested after police found out he owed over $73,000 in tolls and fines. Now, police say they have arrested someone with an even bigger bill.


Spiridon Fragoulias - Photo: New Jersey State Police

State Police say they have arrested 45-year-old Spiridon Fragoulias of Colts Neck, Monmouth County, because he owed a whopping $115,663 in tolls and fees.


Troopers say Fragoulias didn't pay tolls over a two year period.

$115,000 in tolls and fees in two years?!

Fragoulias was lodged at the Middlessex County Correctional Facility in lieu of $50,000 -- which he won't be able to skip out on.


SOURCE: NJSP Facebook Page

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