BEACH HAVEN — He wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie clear plastic wrap bikini, police said.

Stephen Wojciehowski, 59, of the Cedar Run section of Stafford, was charged Sept. 26 with lewdness after reportedly showing up to the Ocean Street Beach wearing swimwear that left absolutely nothing at all to the imagination.

Police said Wojciehowski a week earlier "spent two days on the beach" wearing the bikini, "where his genitals were clearly exposed and observed by the public, on the public beach."

During their investigation, police released these photos of Wojciehowski lying on the beach.

Wojciehowski was later arrested and released with a Municipal Court date.

The suspect once ran for mayor of Stafford, the Asbury Park Press reported.

New Jersey's only public nude beach is Gunnison on federally maintained Sandy Hook in Monmouth County.

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