A New Jersey dad was charged with choking his 9-year-old daughter outside a restaurant in the Florida Keys on Tuesday.

Scott Alino, 47, of Brick, was arrested on Tuesday in front of the Hogfish Bar & Grill in Stock Island, which neighbors Key West, according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.  Spokesman Adam Linhardt told Local10.com than an employee saw him put his hands around her neck so hard the employee thought she was going to lose consciousness.

Lindhardt said Alino told sheriff's deputies that he was disciplining his daughter who had misbehaved and he did not need anyone to tell him how to raise his child.

Three witnesses told police that they watched Alino drag his daughter outside into the parking lot.  Lindhardt told CBS Miami that officers noticed red marks around the girl's neck and watched surveillance video before arresting Alino.

Alino was charged with child neglect.

According to his arrest record, Alino is a builder. He is also listed as a realtor with Bay Front Realty of Brick.

It was not known Thursday whether he had an attorney who could speak on his behalf.

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