Perhaps you've heard the commercial about Naloxone. Naloxone is the generic form of the opioid antidote, Narcan.  Naloxone is an effective drug that saves lives.

When someone overdoses on an opioid, their breathing slows dramatically and in some cases, the person stops breathing altogether.

Naloxone reverses the effects of opioids and quickly restores breathing.

New Jersey law makes this drug available for free and without a prescription.

The prevalence of drug abuse in our society means that there's a good chance you may be faced with someone who overdoses at some point.

It could be a family member, a co-worker, or a stranger in the street.

Your quick thinking can save a life.

Signs That Someone May Be Overdosing

  • Unconscious
  • Clammy skin or cold to the touch
  • Labored breathing, slow breathing or no breathing
  • Pupils are small
  • Purple lips or fingernails
  • Gurgling Sounds
  • Vomiting

Good Samaritan Law Offers Protection

In 2021, New Jersey enacted a law that created a standing prescription for Naloxone.  Anyone in New Jersey is permitted to distribute the drug.

This includes pharmacies as well as anyone in the general public.

Further, the law has Good Samaritan protections for anyone who administers the drug in good faith to someone they believe is experiencing an overdose.

What is an Opioid

In simplest terms, opioids, when used properly, are drugs prescribed to deal with severe pain.

They are most commonly prescribed to people with advanced cancer, or after surgical procedures.  Studies have shown these drugs to be highly addictive.

Fentanyl is the strongest opioid.  Just a small dose of this drug can kill you.

On the street, it's become common that many street drugs are laced with Fentanyl resulting in many accidental overdoses and deaths.

How To Use Naloxone In An Emergency

Naloxone is the brand name for nasal sprays like Narcan and was designed to reverse the effects of opioid overdose rapidly and is used in an emergency. It can potentially revive someone during an overdose event caused by the misuse of prescription pain medications or street drugs like heroin. These medications are generally available as an over-the-counter treatment. According to the New York State Department of Health, these are the steps to use Naloxone or other opioid nasal sprays.

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