WOODBRIDGE — Women will no longer be allowed to bring their little boys with them into the locker rooms at the Woodbridge Community Center.

Township officials are planning to build a new shower facility at the municipal-owned recreation center after complaints about mothers bringing their young sons into the women’s locker room and showers.

Officials also have hired a retired Superior Court judge to investigate allegations of racial discrimination levied by a black woman who claimed that the township recreational director told her to “go where my people are” after she complained about “Indian women” bringing boys “dressed as girls” into the women’s changing room.

Carolyn Ambrose, who complained about the boys during two recent Township Council meetings, said she felt like she was “violated” when she found out the children who had been staring at her naked were male.

“For a whole year she’s been bringing her boys in to look at the women. How dare she! That’s some kind of nerve,” Ambrose said about one mother in particular. “I felt like I was raped.”

“Stop them women from coming in with them dirty boys dressed up as girls — drooling!”

Woodbridge Community Center pool. (Woodbridge Township)
Woodbridge Community Center pool. (Woodbridge Township)

Township Administrator Robert Landolfi told the Council at a February meeting that officials were aware of the problem. Landolfi said the locker rooms would have to be modified to create a third family room. In the meantime, a temporary showering facility was erected near the center's swimming pool.

“We are not making light of it in any way. We know it’s something that we have to address,” Landolfi said at the Feb. 21 meeting.

Landolfi announced on March 7 that officials also would investigate Ambrose’s claim that Recreation Director Vito Cimilluca made what Ambrose interpreted as a racially charged comment against her when she complained about the boys.

“He told me to go where my people are,” Ambrose told the Council. “What you mean by that? Go where black people are? You don’t tell me that. That’s discrimination! I go where I want to go. Where I’m happy. That’s where I’ll go.”

Cimilluca denied the charge at the meeting and was defended by a black councilman.

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