MIDDLETOWN — A construction worker who was electrocuted on Monday was resuscitated by a state trooper who spent several minutes performing CPR on him.

Two 32-year-old workers fell unconscious after being zapped with electricity at the job site at Exit 109.

Trooper Piotr Augustyn, who was on the scene handling traffic duty, saw the electrocution happen and rushed over.

After making sure the men were clear from the live wires, Augustyn performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on one of the men. The other man regained consciousness on his own, police said.

The workers were hospitalized by Lincroft EMS and were listed in stable condition.

"Tpr. Augustyn did not hesitate to risk his well-being to assist the victims, and his decisive actions undoubtedly saved two lives," State Police said in a statement Thursday.

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