Cops in one Ocean County township are asking for your help identifying an alleged porch pirate.

The Manchester Township Police Department says on Monday, the pictured person poached packages from a porch in the Pine Lake Park portion of the township in the 1000 block of Lawrence Avenue.

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Perhaps you can provide police with any potential particulars as to whom this person may be. If so, please phone (732) 657-6111.

And if it seems like porch piracy is spiraling out of control, you would be correct. As over 40% of Americans have at least one package delivered to their home every week, CNBC reports in early 2020, nearly 1.7 million packages were reported lost or stolen every day in the United States. C+R Research says the average value of a stolen package is around $136.

As for how to prevent people from taking your latest finds from Amazon, there are some simple things you can do, like require a signature upon delivery, have the package delivered to your workplace, or even use a video doorbell. For more tips, check out

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