We would have never thought about this combination.

Would you?

It’s sweet, with a dash of heat.

At first, it seems very strange and unappealing to me.

However, McCormick’s, the maker of Old Bay Seasoning says it pairs very well. Oddly, others seem to agree.

Then, I decided to think about it further.

The flavor pallet can be wonderfully satisfied when you combine items that would not seem to go together.

For example, a caramel candy with sea salt. These two items would at first seem to conflict.

Yet, the sweet flavor, combined with the salty accompaniment is fantastic.

Another is salty, caramel popcorn. Or, chocolate covered, salty popcorn.

When I first heard about this Hot Chocolate with Old Bay Seasoning combo … it seemed like a crazy, holiday gimmick.

The more I think about it, the more I can accept it … although I’m not ready to try it … despite the fact that I love both hot chocolate and Old Bay Seasoning.

I just haven’t fully wrapped my head around combining both of these flavors together at the same time.

It’s hard for me to imagine Old Bay Seasoning any other way then as pictured below; actually, my personal choice is Ron Meischker’s Somers Point Crab Company special crab seasoning):

Somers Point Crab Company - Harry Hurley photo.
Somers Point Crab Company - Harry Hurley photo.
Somers Point Crab Company - Harry Hurley photo.
Somers Point Crab Company - Harry Hurley photo.

The full hot chocolate recipe is available on the McCormick’s company website site here.

McCormick’s also recommends that you pair your hot chocolate with whipped cream and Old Bay Seasoning with your favorite bagel and schmear.

Hot chocolate, whipped cream and Old Bay Seasoning sprinkled on top?

Don’t laugh until you try it.

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

SOURCE: McCormick Company.

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