The presumptive Democrat nominee for president is planning to launch his own daily "shadow" coronavirus briefing, effective Monday, March 23.

Admittedly, this is an opinion piece. But, it shouldn’t qualify as such.

Every once in a while, a bad idea comes along that is so dangerous that a preemptive strike against it is warranted.

It should readily become self evident that what Joe Biden is planning to launch tomorrow, should be unanimously rejected by the American people.

Effective Monday, March 23, 2020, Biden is launching a daily Shadow Coronavirus Briefing.

This is such a bad idea, that I can’t believe he is preparing to go through with it. It smacks of stupidity and desperation at exactly the wrong time.

Tens of millions of Americans are presently in total “lockdown” mode. They’re dealing with the loss of their jobs and businesses. Some, which will be lost forever.

The American people are trying to stay safe and healthy. They’re worried about their families. They’re worried if they will have enough money to pay for food, medicine, clothing, shelter and other necessities.

They don’t know how long this will last. Families are separated and otherwise stressed to the max.

Biden’s gambit is one of the stupidest ideas in American political history. It’s tone deaf and dangerous.

Look, I know that Biden wants to be the next President of The United States. I get it.

And, from a purely parochial, political standpoint, it must be very frustrating for him to have been neutralized and removed from the national stage.

Think about it. When’s the last time you even thought about Joe Biden? He’s inconsequential.

And, that’s a good thing. Because it means that everyone’s focused on what really matters. And, sorry Joe. You’re not even a blip on the current radar screen of life.

Biden's personal aspirations are of no consequence when we are presently dealing with the most significant crisis since the Civil War.

In fact, President Lincoln would have thrown any clown like this in jail for the duration of the war had they publicly announced that they were commencing with a Shadow government, which was admittedly designed to undermine the war effort.

That was then. This is now. So, you can’t do that in modern times.

The next best thing, is for the American people to summarily reject Biden’s purely brazen political circus stunt. It’s self-indulgent at a disturbing level.

Biden intends to call the President a liar on a daily basis. It’s unseemly and just plain wrong.

90-plus percent of our media is blatantly Democrat these days. They’ll cover Biden and let him get away with it.

Just imagine if the shoe were on the other foot?

Brad Parscale is President Trump’s campaign manager. He tweeted last night on this subject:

"So much for national unity.
If a Republican did this to a Democrat president during a national crisis, the media would howl.

It's also dangerous because Biden will take attention from real updates Americans should know just to score political points."

Biden’s idea will also cause confusion and discontentment exactly at a time when the American people are starting to come together” write Parscale.

I believe that this is exactly why Biden is launching this bad idea. He sees that the American people are rallying around President Trump.

In order to stay viable as a candidate for President, Biden is willing to sow the seeds of division, to undermine President Trump.

Here is proof that I am not jumping to conclusions. Here are Biden’s own words as he announced his disgusting daily Coronavirus Briefing program:

Biden said his briefings will address how he would handle the Coronavirus crisis if he were President of The United States.

He said that he wants to address what he considers to be and address what "lies" and "failures" of Trump and his administration.

"President Trump stop saying false things, will ya?" Biden told reporters on a conference call this past Friday, March 20, 2020.

"People are worried. They are really frightened, when these things don't come through. He just exacerbates their concern. Stop saying false things you think make you sound like a hero and start putting the full weight of the federal government behind finding fast, safe, and effective treatments."

Biden’s daily Coronavirus Briefly will likely br absent any credible medical experts, infectious disease professionals.

That’s because we already have the very best of the best already working around the clock to save lives and save the American way of life.

I predict that Biden’s daily Shadow Coronavirus Briefing, which he surely will read straight from a teleprompter, will be short-lived.

The American people do not want, nor, will they accept a foe Shadow President. Biden is on his own personal reckless mission to undermine the current “war” effort.

We must accept that America is on the equivalent of a “war footing” until we win the war against the Coronavirus.

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