The bible says "an eye for an eye." The NFL should say there's a suspension for an illegal hit, even though they missed it when it happened.

When you look at the hit Seattle Seahawks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney put on Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, which knocked him out the game, you can clearly see not only that it was helmet to helmet but that, as Eagles tackle Jason Peters said, "it was a dirty hit."

Check out this tweet from NBC's John Clark:

You clearly see Clowney not only take Wentz down, but lead with his helmet to the back of the quarterback's head. The hit knocked Wentz out of the game which the Eagles lost, yet nothing happens to Clowney. Granted he may be fined later but the damage he caused to the Eagles chances to win the game will never be made up. That's why the NFL, along with a fine, should suspend Clowney at least for the next playoff game against the Packers.

Clowney, according to, doesn't expect a fine:

“I was just playing fast,” Clowney said. “It was a bang-bang play. I don’t want to hurt nobody in this league. I’ve been down that injury road. It ain’t fun. My intentions weren’t to hurt him. That’s a great player over there. I hope he’s OK. It was just a small hit. Everybody was going crazy. I’m like, ‘I didn’t even hit him hard.'"

It wasn't how hard Clowney hit Wentz, it was where he hit him and with what. He led with his helmet to the back of the quarterback's head. Once that connection is made there should be a penalty. Referee Shawn Smith, who's lucky he doesn't have to face the media even though I think he should, called it "incidental contact."

I call it a dirty hit and the NFL needs to take a hard look at it and suspend Clowney at least to make up for not throwing him out of the game.

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