Yes, this really happened. A governor I didn’t vote for and whose taxation and sanctuary state charade I’ve been vehemently opposed to did, in just one narrow area, show leadership in my opinion. His handling of the first few months of the coronavirus pandemic. He made tough decisions he knew would be attacked. He listened to scientists over rhetoric and deniers. Other than the terrible missteps regarding nursing homes he did most things right and saved countless lives.

But all that goodwill he built up with a majority of New Jersey voters was sorely tested Sunday when Murphy decided to abandon his own executive orders against gatherings of more than 25 people by joining in not one but two separate George Floyd protests. Erin’s story has a photo showing him literally shoulder to shoulder carrying a banner and ignoring the very social distancing guidelines he’s beaten like a drum for months.

As that article points out, others have been ticketed for protesting. Only their protests were of his ongoing shutdown orders and not racial injustice. I’m sure he’d tell you the cause here was just THAT important. Yet we all know one person’s cause can be more important to them and the government doesn’t get the right to their own moral barometer.

His joining in and violating his own orders makes a mockery of those orders. I believe the initial shutdowns were important. I also believe with the curve more than flattened New Jersey has to reopen with caution and that it’s gone unnecessarily into overtime as the fact is the nature of this virus may be that the dreaded second wave will come regardless of anything we do. We just need the hospitals to be ready.

To continue these orders while violating them himself has made a farce of all his good work up until recently. In-person graduations are allowed in less than a month yet must adhere to the gathering limits at that time. Schools need to plan. With the current gathering limit of 25 schools’ planning is left in limbo. Yet there’s Murphy more than eager to pander to certain groups and violate his own orders. In the end the progressive politician with an eye on the White House won out when he smelled an opportunity. And what’s he going to tell the schools? That racial injustice by police officers is more important than their students’ graduation moment? It may be so, but that’s an individual belief. Just because you don’t share it doesn’t mean the other guy isn’t entitled to it. This is America.

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