Yesterday in a packed committee meeting room, Senate President Steve Sweeney demonstrated once again that he doesn't answer to YOU the voters and residents. They were there to have a preliminary vote on S2177/A3818. These bills are designed to eliminate any choice parents have in determining the health and safety of their own children when it comes to vaccines.

This would take away the religious exemption for opting out of the overwhelming amount of vaccinations our kids are required to receive to be allowed into public schools. We've talked and written about how many children have been vaccine injured in this state and the statehouse annex was filled beyond capacity yesterday (they had to open up and overflow room) with desperate parents who wanted the bill not to pass.

In a sneaky, despicable move Sweeney replaced three Democrats who had planned to vote no, with members who voted yes. The vote was 6-4 to pass it. These are the kinds of maneuvers that prove you have no say in what goes on in your state. He removed the power of the representatives of the people with HIS will. Do powerful pharmaceutical lobbies and big money have anything to do with this or is it for public safety? If you're not smart enough to know the answer, then you deserve what you get. This bill will most likely get passed and signed into law, which terrifies and infuriates parents, and other voters, who have been paying attention to what this means. You have NO say in what goes on in our state. The powerful and connected do, and YOU DON'T MATTER!

This is exactly the kind of move that makes voters choose an outsider like Donald Trump to take their place. There is probably no one on the New Jersey landscape that matches the profile of Trump, but the people should be sick and tired enough to look for one. This story has gotten very little attention in the press and media. This is why polls show more and more that people don't trust our media and our government. When will voters in this state start THINKING about what goes on in the statehouse that really effects their lives and stop going with their surface emotions? Hopefully soon or you may end up with someone you really don't like as the next Governor!

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