What a difference 133 days can make.

That’s how long it’s been since January 20, 2021.

United States President Joe Biden has made a series of very troubling decisions.

Regardless of your political ideology, the various Biden decisions are real head scratchers.

Biden inherited an America that for the first time ever was energy independent, and a net energy exporter.

What did Biden do in response to this. On Day 1, he killed our own Keystone XL pipeline and has halted oil drilling on certain federal lands that former President Donald Trump had strategically opened up.

These decisions are also against the wishes of Canada, but, because of a cozy political alliance ... Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remains silent and doesn’t criticize Biden.

Yes, a big part of cognitive dissonance is gleefully working against your own self interests.

To add insult to injury, Biden simultaneously approved a pipeline that will directly benefit Russia.

None of this makes any sense.

Now, Biden has authorized the purchase of 1,033 million barrels of oil from Iran.

This represents the first oil imports from Iran since 1991.

Iran is the largest sponsor of Terrorism on planet Earth.

Get ready. Surely Biden will return America to the failed Iran weapons accord that only serves in Iran’s best interests.

Why is Biden doing all of  this?

This is direct from the Obama - Biden playbook. Biden wants to drive energy costs higher, so as to justify massive spending on other counter culture priorities,

Each and every decision that Biden is making is taking us back to a Jimmy Carter philosophy of governance.

It failed miserably then. It will fail again in this era. Inflation is on the rise. Gasoline prices are on the rise. The cost for goods and services has risen at an alarming rate.

Our supply chain is wrecked. Everything takes longer to receive and costs substantially more to purchase.

Biden decisions to date are the equivalent of a massive tax increase for all Americans ... yes, including those who can afford it the least.

Biden has also introduced a behemoth $6,000,000,000,000 2022 annual budget.

This doesn’t include the more than $3 trillion in alleged COVID-19 relief ... whereby by 90% of this approved appropriation is for unrelated, Socialist Democrat priorities.

Biden is also purposely racially dividing America on a daily basis. He thinks it’s good politics.

What he is actually doing is ripping America apart and it’s creating the most divided America since the Civil War.

The upcoming 2022 mid-term elections are the most important in American history.

At the warp speed pace that Biden and his merry socialists are proceeding ... we soon won’t be able to recognize America if we don’t make a course correction in 2022.

To quote Joe Biden ... “Come on Man.”

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