These past few weekends have been INSANE and South Jersey has been flooded with visitors.

It is probably the most crowded that I've seen the shore since the COVID-19 Pandemic. People are EVERYWHERE!


It has been so crowded that when I went to the beach (I am a late riser so it is partly my fault), the only place to set up camp was right near the bottom of the ramp because there was nowhere else to go.


It was fine...I was just glad to be on the beach.

Until I looked to my left and saw this entire set up.


Now by just looking at this photo, it may be difficult to spot what I am specifically referencing.

attachment-Untitled design (17)

So the red circle shows a group of approximately ten people who have their beach chairs set up side-by-side. Fine...nothing wrong with that to me. The more the merrier.

My issue lies in what the big, red arrow is pointing at. This party of beachgoers felt the need to set up three flags behind their chairs to "represent" I guess.

But what did it do? It only took up more unnecessary space for their party.

attachment-Untitled design (18)

You see the yellow arrow? That entire area was also being used for this group to play beach games. all the games you want. I love games and I am a game connoisseur.

But it is common courtesy to bring your games up towards to sand dunes or down by the water to play without bothering the masses relaxing on the sand.

The beach is for everyone to use and there are at least two more families that could have fit into this entire space that instead was reserved for three flags that do nothing but stand there.

I mean this in the nicest of ways: Keep the flags at home and bring things that will have functional use. The beach is not just yours so please use a reasonable amount of space.

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I love talking to new people and something that I love about South Jersey at the height of summer is you never know who you are going to meet.

I got to meet people from Minnesota and Colorado this past weekend alone....but no one cares about you "representing" while on the sand.

I thank you and please do continue to have a lovely Summer.

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