One option instead of college that is pursued by some young adults is a career in the United States military. Having served in the U.S. Marine Corps reserves for eight years in the 1990's, I admit I've got a soft spot for the kids that step up to go to Parris Island and become a Marine.

One recent grad, Billy Borowski made that choice. Unfortunately, the Principal at Point Pleasant Boro High School refused to let the young man wear his Marine Corps sash. Actually going so far as to threaten to toss him out of the graduation ceremony with a police escort, according to his father!

It's outrageous and disgraceful to hear about education bureaucrats making north of $150K denying a new recruit the opportunity to display their patriotism, sacrifice and commitment to our nation. If the story is true about the principal, actually touching the student and threatening police action over a military sash, then Kurt Karcich should be terminated.

The superintendent Vincent Smith needs to step up and step in and take these allegations seriously. And then change the rules and encourage new enlistees to show their pride in serving our country.

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