Terry McAuliffe was a former one-term governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, who was headed towards a second term victory.

That was until he made a flippant public comment about parents and their children’s education.

McAuliffe openly stated that parents had no right to be involved with decisions about their children in the classroom.

Well, as you can imagine, that set parents off. They started attending school board meetings and making their voices heard.

Incredulously, when parents started attending various Virginia school board meetings in record numbers, the Attorney General the United States actually referred to parents of students as “domestic terrorists.”

All of these bizarre statements and actions led to Glenn Youngkin being elected Governor of Virginia. This would not have occurred otherwise. It was a specifically issue driven result.

This month, sex education standards are going into effect in New Jersey public schools. Much of it is absurd, age inappropriate and disgusting.

Such as:


Discuss the range of ways that people express their gender. A second grader is about 7 years old. How is this age appropriate?


Differentiate between sexual orientation and gender identity. This is not age appropriate for 10 year olds.


Define the different types of sex. Outrageously inappropriate for 13 year olds.

It’s beyond comprehension that things have come to this in New Jersey and America. How can responsible adults in charge of public education believe that this graphic curriculum is appropriate?

Former New Jersey Senator Tom Kean, a candidate for the United States House of Representatives said the following about the issue and his opponent, incumbent Congressman Malinowski:

“As students head back to school, remember that Tom Malinowski doesn't want parents to have a
voice and thinks concerns about what goes on in the classroom is made up cultural B.S. I have ALWAYS and WILL ALWAYS  fight for parents to have a voice in
their children's education,” said Kean.

Malinowski said, “We all want to protect our children
and their education. That works best when parents and teachers work together and listen to each other. It doesn't work when politicians use kids as political pawns to divide us from one another. That has to stop now,” said Makinowski.

These two ran against each other in a very close contest in 2020, setting up their November 8, 2022 rematch.

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New Jersey State Senator Holly Schepisi has been Very outspoken since this controversial curriculum was first announced.

Schepisi has regularly spoken out publicly that she believes that this radical curriculum will have a determinant of affect on the upcoming general election results in New Jersey and elsewhere around the country.

SOURCES: New Jersey Department of Education, Former New Jersey State Senator Tom Kean & United States Congressman (NJ) Tom Malinowski.

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