Adversity builds character, and the best form of character comes from people who make something good out of situation that isn't so good. Our daily dose of good is about a town in Jersey doing exactly that!

This past February,  K9 Officer Max Janofsky of Monroe Township lost his amazing wife, Danielle, after her courageous battle with cancer, lasting only about three weeks. 

Credit: Olivia Roberts via
Credit: Olivia Roberts via

“Dani” was 6 months pregnant when she entered the hospital with abdominal pains earlier in the month.  It was quickly discovered that melanoma had spread to her liver, kidney, stomach, and finally, brain.

In which case, Dani made the selfless and loving decision to deliver their baby just two weeks later. Thereby sacrificing herself so that her son could live. Baby Jake was born 1 pound 11 ounces and is currently in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the University of Pennsylvania where he recently met his big sister Avery, who is 4 years old .

Dani, devoted mother, loving wife, much-loved sister, beloved daughter and cherished daughter-in-law lost her very short battle with cancer just a few days after having the baby.

Max was by her side every minute reminding her of how much love surrounds her and her family. Max is a retired Staff Sargeant, Bronze Star recipient, combat veteran who served several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan for the United States Army.

In which case, Max has done a lot for our community and his family. To show Max the love he needs right now, friends and family have created a fundraising page to benefit trust funds, in Dani's name for her kids, Avery and Jake. The funds will be used to ensure the best medical care for Jake and additional funds will be used for education purposes for the children.

This family, especially Dani, is truly inspiring and always shines a bright light on life. Friends and Family of the Janofsky's want nothing more then to shine that bright light back to them during a time of darkness, and continue the love legacy that Dani has left behind. 

And so far, SO GOOD, their Go Fund Me Page is going viral, has been all over the news, and people all around the nation are sharing this story. It has raised over $92K in just 2 months! With a goal of 100,000, we're so close to making good, out of a not so good, for this family in need. 

If you know someone who is in need of a little extra dose of good or is doing some good like the friends and family of the Janofsky's, send us your story message to our Facebook page!

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