You have 14 hours to cast your vote on Tuesday, but officials throughout New Jersey have been preparing all year for Election Day and any problems or irregularities that may pop up.

Jessica Kourkounis, Getty Images News
Jessica Kourkounis, Getty Images News

More than 26,000 workers are trained to handle operations at polling sites on Tuesday, according to Bob Giles, director of the New Jersey Division of Elections.

And the state Attorney General's Office is deploying representation to all 21 counties in the event of voting-related legal issues.

Should you encounter a machine that appears to be working improperly, or not at all, poll workers have emergency paper ballots on hand, Giles said.

"And usually they will have backup machines ready to go should there be an issue in the county," he said.

As always, it is a criminal offense for someone to solicit or electioneer voters within 100 feet of a polling place entrance. Giles said if your spot this type of action within the protected zone, a poll worker should be notified immediately.

Any issues or suspicions can also be reported to a county's Board of Elections.

Attorney General Christopher Porrino announced Monday that approximately 250 deputy attorneys general will be on duty for Election Day, from the time polls open until they close (6 a.m. to 8 p.m.). Porrino said attorneys will be stationed in each of the state's 21 counties to handle any court applications and provide advice to county election officials.

“By having DAsG on duty in every county, we are helping to ensure the integrity of the election process by protecting peoples’ right to vote, and by facilitating the prompt — and fair — resolution of any voting-related legal issues that may emerge,” Porrino said.

Judges are assigned in each county to rule on whether a voter, who may have been turned away at a local polling place, should be eligible to vote and be issued an absentee ballot or provisional ballot.

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