The Jackson Township, New Jersey police department has confirmed that a woman, Sabrina Ben-Porat was struck and killed near the intersection of Whitesville Road.

Jackson Township police officers arrived on the scene at a little past 9:00 p.m. this past Sunday, February 27, 2022.

Jackson Township police personnel have pieced together that Ben-Porat was crossing the road, near the intersection when she was hit in a pedestrian crash by a Dodge Durango being driven by a Tom’s River resident, whose identity has not yet been publicly released.

Jackson Township police have confirmed that Ben-Porat was pronounced dead at the scene of the pedestrian crash.

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The investigation is continuing by the Jackson Township Police Department’s following personnel:

Kevin Chesney, Patrol Officer.

Andrew Lopez, Patrol Officer.

Richard Bosley, Sergeant.

All three work within the Jackson Township Police Department - Traffic Safety Unit.

The Jackson Township Police Department is asking anyone with information about this fatal pedestrian crash to call them at 732-928-1111.

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