Presumptive New Jersey State Senate Republican nominee Vince Polistina has paid high compliments to all of the announced District 2 New Jersey General Assembly candidates ... while deciding (today) on two candidates that he would like to run with as a ticket.

The Atlantic County Republican Committee has the ultimate say ... however, Polistina has provided Don Guardian and Claire Swift with an enormous boast.

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Here is Polistina’s elaborate public statement in its entirety as follows:

Former Assemblyman and State Senate Candidate Vince Polistina announces his intention to support a slate of candidates for this years legislative election:

I want to thank the many leaders, candidates and residents who have expressed their support for me to be the candidate for state senate this year.  Over the past week, I have begun to put our campaign infrastructure in place so that our ticket can be successful this year.

One of the things that I have thought about is whether to support a slate of candidates for the districts 2 assembly seats.  I have concluded that as a leader of the ticket, I should let people know what I believe to be the best way we can serve the residents of district 2.

We have 4 excellent assembly candidates who have expressed a desire to run for assembly and I would be proud to run with any of them:

Atlantic County Commissioner John Risley, the consummate public servant with experience at all levels of government who has proudly and honorably served the residents of Atlantic County for many years.  John is a proven vote getter, very well liked and well respected throughout the entire County and someone who I hope someday will get an opportunity to take his talents to serve in the New Jersey Legislature.

Atlantic City Councilman Jesse Kurtz, a bright, energetic, and eager local public official who unquestionably has a future in elected office.  Jesse has proven that he can work in a bipartisan fashion to serve the residents of the City of Atlantic City as a republican councilman twice elected in overwhelmingly democratic Atlantic City. He is someone that I have supported in the past and will undoubtedly support in his future endeavors as he is a person that anyone would welcome on their team.

Former Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian, a man who brings a multitude of knowledge and experience serving in Atlantic City and other local governments who is well known throughout Atlantic County for his endless advocacy for the City.  Don is a tireless and selfless person who is dedicated to seeing our region succeed.  He is also a humanitarian who will also do everything he can to help and support others throughout the community.

Local Attorney and Former Deputy Attorney General Claire Swift, a woman who has been a republican for many years and has supported candidates and philanthropic efforts across the entire region.  Claire is a wife, mother, professional, and small business owner that manages to balance everything while still focusing on her desire to help others.  Everyone will find Claire to be personable, likeable, smart, and trustworthy with deep local roots and an entire family behind her that has been dedicated to public service. 

I cannot praise everyone enough for the desire in get involved in politics and serve their local community.  After much thought, deliberation, and conversation, I have decided that I believe the best slate of candidates for Assembly would be Don Guardian and Claire Swift.  The three of us will bring different backgrounds, diverse experience, and complementary views that I believe will serve the residents of district 2 the best.  This district represents a true mosaic of people and different areas and I think the three of us would be the best candidates to reflect the diversity of the area.  

I believe that Don Guardian, Claire Swift, and I are the best candidates for the 2021 district 2 election and am extremely excited to try to help them secure the nomination from our County Committee members, concluded Polistina  

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