While driving to Trenton, New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina appeared live on-air to announce that he was introducing legislation today to give the state of New Jersey additional authority to control all decisions made by the Atlantic City Board of Education.

Currently, the state has been providing millions of dollars to the ACBOE in what’s known as transitional aid.

Without this assistance, the ACBOE would face a serious structural imbalance, that would lead to massive staffing and operational cuts.

The state of New Jersey wields absolute control over the City of Atlantic City.

The Polistina legislation is a byproduct of many issues, including the ACBOE’s decision to force Stockton University out of the Atlantic City Boathouse.

This ACBOE decision was made despite the fact that Stockton University has invested more than $ 270 million dollars in Atlantic City.

The positive Stockton University impact is positioning Atlantic City as a real “College Town.” With this earned starts comes many benefits, including increased property values and the overall good impression of Atlantic City as a destination resort … whereby more than 20 million guests visit Atlantic City each and every year.

That’s more people then vacation at Disney World’s The Magic Kingdom each year.

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Here is a link to our previous extensive coverage as to why the ACBOE unceremoniously booted Stockton University out of the Atlantic City Boathouse.

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Polistina has confirmed to Townsquare Media Atlantic City on-air that his proposed legislation is necessary … because he was informed by the state of New Jersey that they do not have the legal authority to control decisions such as the Stockton University matter.

Polistina’s goal is to implement the same state control over the Atlantic City Board of Education, as the state has over the City of Atlantic City local government.

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