We have discussed in the past that Joe Jacobs has wielded tremendous, un-elected political power in Atlantic City, New Jersey for decades.

During the Marty Small era as Mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey, Jacobs has likely possessed more perceived political power than ever before.

Back in August, 2022, Jacobs’ former wife, India Still was selected to become Assistant Director of the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority (AC MUA) at a salary of $ 140,000.

At the time, former Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority Chairman John Devlin came out swinging over the hiring of Still … who he described as a politically connected individual, who Devlin said “does not possess the proper level of experience required for the position.”

Still assumed the position formerly held by Nicholas Mancuso, who Devlin confirmed was highly qualified. Mancuso allegedly was not offered a new contract to continue in the position.

Devlin was concerned about Still’s hiring because he believes that "this position should be filled with a highly qualified water operator with a level 4 license," said Devlin.

As a result of Michael Armstrong’s resignation as executive director of the AC MUA, Still has now been selected to be the new executive director.

According to Devlin, this official personnel action took place a special meeting of the AC MUA on Monday, February 5, 2024.

Devlin told us that only two people were considered for the open AC MUA top position.

Devkin also advised that former AC MUA solicitor Fred Bor wanted to be considered for the position … however, his candidacy was not allowed to go forward… Because he was told that he had a conflict of interest.

Bor is currently pursuing litigation against the AC MUA because of his contact as board solicitor was not renewed by the AC MUA.

The ACMUA remains under tight scrutiny by the state of New Jersey for not being compliant with its licensing requirements. Devlin has revealed this previously to the public.

Because they lack certain required licenses with the staff presently on the books, the ACMUA must contract outside contractors who do possess the required licenses, in order to legally operate.

In a previous wide-ranging interview with Devlin, he unloaded on the current practices at the ACMUA as follows:

"It's sad that this behavior and hiring practices continues under the leadership of Michael Armstrong (ACMUA Executive Director) and (Atlantic City Mayor) Marty Small.

"While I was chairman of the board at the ACMUA, I fought very hard to keep fairness and transparency in our hiring practices and beyond," said Devlin.

"During my tenure I made sure the ACMUA hired qualified, licensed employees as well as keeping in mind our fiscal responsibilities to our taxpayers," said Devlin.

"Unfortunately, the ACMUA under the leadership of Armstrong/Small continue to place the ACMUA out of compliance and create great expense to the taxpayers of Atlantic City by appointing non licensed personnel," said Devlin.

"While I was chairman I made sure that these practices did not happen. I was a cog in the wheel for the Armstrong/Small regime. For this reason they created frivolous lies about me and assembled a Kangaroo Court to oust me," said Devlin.

Devlin also has called out the "six-figure" contract given to Bruce Ward for ACMUA legal services.

'I think it's also a embarrassment that Bruce Ward, the former executive director, who walked off the job without any notice and made up lies during my hearing was rewarded with a fat legal contract, just weeks after hearing," said Devlin.

Devlin and former ACMUA board solicitor Fredric L. Bor have filed Tort Claim notices, which is a required first step before you can file a lawsuit against government entity.

Earlier today, Devlin told us that “Armstrong said he is moving on to  "practice law.” HE NEVER STOPPED!! His company repeatedly got law contract his whole tenure at while being executive director,” said Devlin.

About Still’s hiring, Devlin said:

"It's sad when the neighborhood knows who is the next executive director before the meeting even happens! Unfortunately this appointment appears to be going to someone who is grossly incompetent to be an Executive Director of MUA. If I were chairman I would question the whole process, it sounds like the same kangaroo court that was assembled to oust me when I started asking questions,” said Devlin.

“There is too much at stake and we have too much to lose as a city to appoint someone to this position who doesn't have the knowledge or experience to produce and deliver clean water to our children, residents, and families and beyond,” concluded Devlin.

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