This Chrysler car was available in 1962 in Atlantic City, New Jersey and at a second location in Pleasantville.

The Atlantic City store, called Chelsea Motor Company was located at 3205 Arctic Avenue and the Pleasantville store, called City Motors, Inc. was located at 400 W. Verona Avenue.

The price of this car was $ 2,964.

Here’s how it was advertised 61 years ago:

$ 2964 is the Chrysler price that still surprises people. It's a price that includes a crisp, new, custom look. (Some call it the newest look in the business.) For this kind of money, you will enjoy wide, deep, comfortable seating for six. You get famed Unibody construction that's as solid as a safe - with no bolts to breed rattles. More? Yes, more. For $2964 you get torsion bar suspension - the kind that gives you sure, well-balanced handling. And interior fabrics that would cost you close to $10.00 a yard.

I went to an inflation calculator to determine what $ 3,000 in 1962 dollars is worth in 2023.

The answer is $ 29,680.

In 1962, they called it a “Small price for this full-size beauty that's warranted for 5 years or 50,000 miles.”

They also emphasized that you were getting a full-size Chrysler and not a junior edition.

Courtesy of Kenneth McIntyre, from the I GREW UP AND OR LIVED IN ATLANTIC CITY, NJ Facebook Page, here is the 1962 advertisement.

Kenneth McIntyre photo.
Kenneth McIntyre photo.

It’s fun to look back at yesteryear and reflect about where things were versus where they are now.

I hope that you enjoyed this walk down Atlantic City Memory Lane.

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