I love this. Everything about it. What a tremendous throwback to a different time and place.

This photo was posted on Facebook by former Ventnor City Police Chief Gerry Schaffer.

Pictured in the featured photo above are (left to right):

  • Police Officer Sam Summerville
  • Ventnor City Mayor Harry S. Hodson
  • Police Officer J.I. League
  • M.C. Mower, Ventnor City Chief of Police
  • Police Officer J. Kennedy

Three state of the art Harley-Davidson motorcycles are displayed.

75 years later, Ventnor may not even have one motorcycle.

That’s not meant to be a criticism … it’s merely illustrative of the decisions made over the years … whether or not to have a motorcycle unit.

Around 40 years ago, there was an aversion at the Ventnor City Commission level … predicated upon the belief that motorcycles were dangerous … not to have them in the police department.

i strongly believe that there should be a motorcycle presence, because they are able to navigate in spaces that a patrol car cannot. It’s a very helpful tool in policing.

They also look great, too.

And, what a sense of pride of accomplishment for a Police Officer, who is privileged to become a motorcycle police officer.

Here is a look at the entire 1947 Harley-Davidson (Ventnor Police) advertisement. I think it’s just amazing.

Ventnor City Police via Facebook.
Ventnor City Police via Facebook.

A motorcycle police officer is a win - win scenario … for the city and for morale of the police department.

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