Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner has written his opus regarding the very front and center issue of race and law enforcement in America.

If I could, I would make it required reading for all Americans. It’s that good.

The author is one of the most “color-blind” people that I have ever known.

We are very fortunate to have Tyner in his position.

In his column, Tyner threads the needle with skill and elegance. He understands the delicate issues, yet, he doesn’t support the current rage to defund the police.

His family has incredibly deep roots in law enforcement. They’ve experienced the direct ultimate loss of one of their family members in the line of duty.

And, coupled with The Tyner law enforcement background is the fact that Tyner was also an Atlantic County Superior Court Judge, before becoming Prosecutor.

Rarely does one individual possess such a wide spectrum of observation on this subject.

It’s really worth taking the time to read this comprehensive and thoughtful piece. Here is a direct link to Tyner’s column.

If words could heal the current divide in America, Tyner’s column could qualify as a magic elixir.

Tyner even feathers-in Marvin Gaye into his column.

It’s sobering, it’s real. Tyner doesn’t profess to be the oracle of all the things that African-Americans have dealt with in the past ... and, are still dealing with today.

Everyone is busy dealing with our challenging times and the game of life. Take a few minutes to read Damon Tyner’s column.

It’s worth your time.

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