Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer has charged Paul Kennedy, Mayor of Ocean Gate Borough, New Jersey with:

  • Official Misconduct.
  • Theft.

Billhimer alleges that Mayor Kennedy stole parking meter money and sold Borough furniture and attempted to pocket the proceeds.

Billhimer credits a thorough and successful collaboration for this result between:

  • Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office Professional Standards and Corruption Unit.
  • Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office of Economic Crime.
Ocean Gate NJ Mayor Paul Kennedy - Photo: OCPO
Ocean Gate NJ Mayor Paul Kennedy - Photo: OCPO

Billhimer alleges that Kennedy acted in his official capacity as mayor and sold Borough furniture on a government auction website called GovDeals.com.

Further, Billhimer alleges that Kennedy attempted to keep the proceeds for his own personal use, rather then deposit them into the local government financial account.

The continuing investigation also yielded that Kennedy (allegedly) did not properly deposit parking meter funds in the Borough’s bank account.

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Kennedy was issued a summons by the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department. His pending court date has not yet been announced.

SOURCE: Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer.

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