Nor'easter or not, voters in two South Jersey towns are headed to the polls today.

Or at least voters should be headed to the polls today. A combination of nasty weather and getting people to vote in March may limit turn-out.

But regardless, Shore News Today reports Board of Education elections in Linwood will go on as planned. Voters can cast their ballots today from 4 to 8PM at Belhaven Middle School. Officials in Linwood felt they did not need to reschedule voting as the nor'easter was not dumping snow on our region.

Meanwhile, voters in Mullica Township will be asked to decide whether or not they want to spend $1.9 million on renovations and improvements to Mullica Township Middle and Elementary schools. Polls there are open from 3 to 8PM today.


SOURCES: Shore News Today, NJ School Boards Association

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