According to a new study, Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney and Luke Bryan are the most trusted singers in country music — especially among Republicans.

Morning Consult conducted the new poll, which centered around the results from Forbes' recent 100 highest-paid celebrities of the last year. Brooks scores highest in the survey, with 64 percent of the 6,000 respondents giving him a favorable rating, while just 11 percent rated him unfavorably.

The poll ranks Bryan with a 58 percent favorable rating, sized up against an 8 percent unfavorable rating, while Chesney earns a 52 percent approval against an 11 percent disapproval rating.

Morning Consult's research also extends to whether respondents to the poll would be more or less likely to use products endorsed by the stars included in the poll, with the data falling along similar lines. Respondents said they would be 25 percent more likely and 7 percent less likely to use products Brooks endorsed, with 15 percent having no opinion and 53 percent saying it had no impact.

Twenty-four percent said they were more likely to purchase products Bryan endorsed, while just 6 percent they were less likely. Fifteen percent had no opinion on Bryan as a pitchman, and 55 said it had no impact, while 19 percent said they would favor products Chesney endorsed, versus 9 percent who said they were less likely to buy products he was associated with. Seventeen percent of respondents said they had no opinion on Chesney, while 55 percent said his endorsement would have no impact on their purchasing decisions.

Interestingly, all three country stars placed high among the entertainers who were the least divisive, according to Morning Consult's results. While stars including Beyonce, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Ellen DeGeneres ranked high among the most divisive celebrities, Brooks, Bryan and Chesney earned significantly more favorable rankings, specifically among Republicans. Brooks scored a +69 favorability rating, with Bryan at +61 net favorability and Chesney at +56.

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