A state and federally funded Rutgers University associate professor has made some objectionable, vile, and racist comments.

Why hasn’t this issue received market saturation level reporting?

Here’s how the story goes. President Joe Biden recently delivered an opening address at The Root Institute in September 2021.

A Rutgers University associate professor, Brittney Cooper, who promotes critical race theory, followed The President with her own remarks, condemning white people as ''villains'' and saying that she wants to ''take these motherf**kers out.''

Cooper, an associate professor of women's gender and sexuality studies and Africana studies, was speaking on the topic ''Unpacking the Attacks on Critical Race Theory,'' Campus Reform reported.

How can remarks such as these be tolerated?

Critical Race Theory has become a very divisive issue in America. It has resulted in many parents moving their children from public to private schools.

Cooper called CRT ''the proper teaching of American history'' and asserted that white people ''kind of deserve'' their declining birthrate, according to the report.

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Critical race theory is defined by the Encyclopaedia Britannica as “the concept in which race is a socially constructed category ingrained in U.S. law intended to maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between whites and nonwhites. It holds that U.S. society is inherently or systemically racist.”

Cooper told Michael Harriot at the forum: ''I think that white people are committed to being villains in the aggregate.''

Rutgers is New Jersey's prominent public university funded in part by both federal and state taxpayer dollars, and Cooper will earn at least $114,248.95 from Rutgers this year, according to Campus Reform's public records request.

“White people's birth rates are going down,'' Cooper added in her remarks, ''because they literally cannot afford to put their children, newer generations, into the middle class."

''It's super perverse, and also they kind of deserve it,” said Cooper.

When asked if white people would give up power, Cooper responded, ''The thing I want to say to you is, 'We got to take these motherf***ers out,' but like, we can't say that, right?''

But, Cooper just did say it.

SOURCE: Campus Reform & The Root Institute.

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