The 'skull-breaker' may have seemed like a harmless TikTok challenge to two Camden County juveniles, but they're now in trouble with authorities after their friend got hurt.

It's been a month since the 13-year-old son of Stacy and Marc Shenker received a concussion after being encouraged to take the challenge. The Cherry Hill middle-schooler continues to suffer from symptoms, like headaches, that haven't gone away, reports.

To show just how serious and dangerous this 'skull-breaker challenge' can be, two kids have now been formally charged with third-degree aggravated assault and third-degree endangering an injured victim by Camden County Prosecutor's Office.

The 'skull-breaker,' which went viral on the social media site TikTok, challenges two people (standing on the outside) tricking a third person (standing in the middle) into jumping in the air and then kicking their feet out from under them. Stupidity at it's finest, eh?

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