Our great friend Mike Heath has done it, again. He’s unearthed another amazing time capsule. This time in Ventnor City, New Jersey.

There’s an old expression, “if walls had ears."

Our story begins with Mike doing demolition work on a home, located on Wissahickon Avenue in Ventnor, New Jersey.

He discovered these tiny, yet largely revealing, fragments of an Atlantic City Press newspaper from Sunday, January 21, 1934. That’s 88 years ago.

This was early in the first term of United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In those days, the American President was inaugurated on March 4th. Roosevelt was the first President to be inaugurated in January, on January 20, 1937.

Mike Heath found the following newspaper fragments and they tell a salacious story about one of the most famous people of his time:

Rudy Vallée, was an American singer, musician, actor, and radio host.

He was also the subject of a salacious article, which appeared in this 1934 edition of The Atlantic City Press.

Mike Heath photo.
Mike Heath photo.

Here is the entire article that appeared on the Society page. You can read it for yourself, but, it describes some very messy divorce stuff.

It also mentions that details from his estranged wife that were never before disclosed may be made public.

Mike Heath photo.
Mike Heath photo.

This is a pretty amazing time capsule, to the extent that someone on Wissahickon Avenue in Ventnor, kept it on hand for more than 88 years.

On this occasion, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

SOURCE: Michael Heath & The Atlantic City Press from Sunday, January 21, 1934.

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