I really love going back in the rich history of Atlantic City, New Jersey as an incomparable food and beverage destination resort for about 170 years.

Atlantic City was first incorporated on May 1, 1854.

98 years ago, restaurant named The Green Grill was open for business at 1411 Atlantic Avenue in Atlantic City.

The legendary Edward L. Bader was the Mayor of Atlantic City for much of what was known as “The Roaring Twenties.”

Many believe that “The Roaring Twenties” was the peak of Atlantic City as a vacation destination resort.

I would argue that the legalized casino era eclipsed this by way of fine dining, headliner entertainment policy and high quality hotels … but, there remains no doubt that “The Roaring Twenties” was a great era in Atlantic City and America.

Here is an advertisement from 1926, look at the $ 1.50 pricing and more.

Kenneth McIntyre photo.
Kenneth McIntyre photo.

For your information, $ 1.00 in 1926 is with $ 17.00 in 1924.

Even when you account for inflation, look at the incredible value that you received in 1926.

The Dinner De Luxe for seafood and Italian Specialties cost $ 1.50 in 1926.

This meal would cost $ 25.50 in 2024.

Like many Atlantic City restaurants of a century ago, “The Green Grill” was owner managed by Peter Cinelli.

“The Green Grill” billed itself as a “Restaurant of Distinction.”

They also offered weekday 50 cent & 75 cent luncheons.

Here was “The Green Grill” operating philosophy in 1926:

I Like To Dine Here … THAT'S what our patrons are saying every day. The excellence of our cuisine; the efficiency of our service are reasons why the fastidious diners of this city make the GREEN GRILL their regular eating place. Dine with us today.

It is my hope that you enjoyed our walk together down Atlantic City Memory Lane.

SOURCE: The Green Grill 1926 advertisement.

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