Today featured a great lesson learned.

Pizza is not a Republican or Democrat ideal.

It’s pizza. It’s also delicious.

On a serious note, New Jersey Senator Michael Testa sent New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and First Lady Tammy Murphy pizza for lunch earlier today.

I know, it’s only pizza. But, the thoughtfulness of sending the Governor and Mrs. Murphy lunch while they continue to self quarantine is everything that used to be right about politics.

Both political parties have always fought each other at every turn. That’s never going to change. However, when the chips were down, each side would come together.

We’ve lost that. We must find it, again. The vitriol in our politics is presently toxic.

Senator Testa and Governor Murphy disagree mightily in terms of their philosophy of governance.

This shouldn’t have anything to do with being decent to one another.

I have some people mad at me. But, I’m proud of the friendship that I’ve forged with Governor Murphy.

We also know that we’re not going to change each other’s political ideology. No one is trying to do that. None of that matters.

We should work together whenever we can and when we disagree on public policy, it doesn’t have to become mean spirited.

Everyone should take a moment and accept it at face value ... that on this day, a Republican State Senator bought lunch for The Democratic Governor and First Lady of New Jersey ... in the form of a pizza. Actually, it was two pizzas.

An excellent pizza by the way ... from Brothers Restaurant in Red Bank.

It’s a considerate and decent thing to do.

It’s also a life lesson that we can treat one another with kindness and respect, whether our politics lines up or not.

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