I am writing this in real time, before the sentence has been announced for Roger Stone regarding 7 counts of lying to Congress, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

I strongly believe that Judge Amy Berman Jackson is a public disgrace. She also appears to be a highly partisan, liberal judge. Jackson is a Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. This is one of the (if not) the most liberal courts in America. Of course, she was appointed by Barack Obama.

In advance of announcing her sentence for Roger Stone today, Jackson took a very firm stand against Stone, which in my estimation has every indication that she is playing to the opponents of President Trump. Stone is a long-time President Trump adviser.

First of all, why is this Judge even sentencing Stone today? The Judge is presently reviewing a request for a new trial, because of serious allegations regarding the jury forewoman. If there was any misconduct or failure to disclose any potential bias, why sentence Stone now, before deciding on this relevant question?

This juror, who ultimately managed to become the foreperson of the jury was asked during jury selection: "Do you have any bias in favor of the government or indifference against the defendant?" This juror is a lawyer (herself). I strongly believe that she should have disclosed her anti-Trump writings.

Had this been known, she never would have been selected to serve on the Stone jury. This alone, should be the predicate to earn Stone a new trial.

Further, Jackson has announced in advanced that the sentence will not take effect today, pending the review of the request for a new trial. This further supports that the Judge should have granted Stone's previous request to delay today's sentencing.

It's important to note that a defendant is not convicted until the sentence is imposed. It appears to me that this Judge is racing to sentence Stone, so that he has a federal conviction on his record. I repeat, why not wait until the decision is made whether or not to grant Stone a new trial? Wouldn't that be the fair and impartial thing to do?

Stone never should have been charged in the first place. This is all process, manufactured "crimes" invented by the politically corrupt Robert Mueller Russia Hoax investigation. How was Stone charged and nothing at all happened to Andrew McCabe, the former Deputy FBI Director, who the Inspector General Michael Horowitz found that McCabe lacked candor on a number of occasions when he was interviewed under oath.

I guess one person lacking candor is different versus saying that Stone lied. I don't believe that Stone lied about anything.

Regarding the charge of witness tampering; which amounted to a text message about a witness (Randy Credico) and an ambiguous comment about Credico's dog.

The Stone Family are some of the biggest dog lovers on Planet Earth. Credico took the unusual step of writing a letter to Judge Jackson asking that Stone not receive any jail time. He also confirmed that he never believed that Stone would ever hurt his dog. No one asked Credico this question when he was on the witness stand during the trial.

When a conservative is a defendant in this Washington, D.C. court, it typically goes very bad. The Jury Forewoman is an attorney. Why didn't she reveal her anti-Trump social media posts during jury selection?

At the very minimum, Stone deserves a new trial. What he actually deserves is a full, fair, free pardon from President Trump. This was a political prosecution by bad actors who have weaponized our judicial system.

As I wrote this, Judge Jackson has taken more than 2 hours and still has not announced the Stone sentence. The initial Department of Justice sentencing recommendation was a sentence of 7 to 9 years, which is outrageous. Experts have said that a person like Stone, with no criminal record, that this should be less than a 1 year sentence.

Judge Jackson has been blistering in her remarks, leading up to announcing her sentence for Stone. This Judge also placed Stone on a gag order, that remains in effect to this day. I can't find a single legal expert, who has ever heard of a gag order extending after the jury verdict.

I am writing this as Judge Jackson continues to pepper Stone with harsh language about his so-called conduct. In the end, Jackson gave Stone the exact 40 months that the DOJ recommended (in their revised recommendation).

Remember the early morning raid at Stone's home. More fire power was used against him than to kill Osama Bin Laden. Stone posed no threat whatsoever. These scoundrels had CNN in tow, filming it all. It involved aerial, amphibious and multiple assault weaponry.

Ironically, Stone can't even swim. All this for a non-violent alleged offender. It was all so disproportionate to reality. However, make no mistake about it, this was done exactly the way that the anti-Trumpers wanted.

This Judge has demonstrated antipathy toward Stone. Justice is supposed to be blind. Except in the Age of Trump, where it has been set on its ear.

NOTES: Jackson sentenced Stone to 40 months in federal prison. The Jury foreperson has admitted a political bias towards President Trump and Stone. President Trump shouldn't even wait for Judge Jackson to rule on whether or not to grant a new trial.

President Trump should pardon Stone today. Yes, it will set-off a political firestorm with the Democrat crazies. However, this is a "poster child" case for why the Constitution grants the power of the pardon to the United States President. To rectify injustices such as this.

Yes, the Pelosi Loons will move to impeach President Trump, again should he do this.

The President should pardon Stone regardless.

Also, Stone's 1st Amendment rights should have been restored after the jury verdict last November. This too, is a disgrace.

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