It’s been a rough campaign for freshman Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler.

The crash and damage to the Hope One super vehicle. The circumstances surrounding this are presently under investigation.

Scheffler has been trying to play catch-up as his opponent, Joe “Tokyo” O’Donoghue, has been piling-up up a long list of law personnel and law enforcement organization endorsements.

Now, a newer Chief of Police has landed himself in hot water.

Hamilton Township Police Chief Gregory K. Ciambron took the steps to formally endorse Scheffler.

The problem for Ciambron is that he used the official letterhead of Hamilton Township in making his endorsement.

Ciambron is a newer Chief, but, he still should have known better and not used the official letterhead of Hamilton Township.

Scheffler surely should have known that this was wrong.

This is at the minimum, a violation of Hamilton Township policy, and, may also be a federal Hatch Act infraction.

To his credit, within one hour of learning about this situation, Hamilton Township Administrator Arch Liston took immediate corrective action.

Sources have shared with me that the endorsement on official Hamilton Township letterhead has been rescinded.

I have also learned about at least one additional public employee who has also endorsed Scheffler on official municipal letterhead. We’ll share more about this later in a separate report.

Below, are copies of all of the documents that we have obtained relative to this inappropriate endorsement.

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