Something caught my eye while looking at the still-changing Presidential election results in Nevada -- "None of These Candidates" has received over 11,000 votes.

None of these candidates? Really? So I did some digging.

Back in 1975, "none of these candidates" became a valid option on a ballot in Nevada. To date, that's the only state that has this option. And this option is for any race -- mayor all the way up to President of the United States.

That means exactly what it says -- if you don't want to vote for the Republican or the Democrat or, for that matter, the Green Party candidate or the Libertarian or whatever, you can actually cast a vote for none of the above (think Richard Pryor in "Brewster's Millions").

And thousands of people do. As of Thursday afternoon, over 11,000 people voted for "none of these candidates" instead of Trump or Biden. At the moment, about 11,400 votes separate those two. Will no one (literally) have an impact on who takes The White House? It might actually play into the race.

In 2016, "none" received over 28,000 votes instead of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Now if you're wondering what happens if "none" wins, Nevada law says the election still goes to the person who has the highest vote total so it's not possible for no one to actually win a race.

That got me to thinking -- should we have a "none of these candidates" option in New Jersey?

Politics here in New Jersey can be something that gets your stomach in a knot but if you were that dissatisfied, that unhappy, that bitter, and that disgruntled with the choices that are in front of you, should you have an option that lets that be known? I mean, that would be a very Jersey-like thing to do. It would kinda be like giving someone who cut you off on the Parkway an obscene gesture, right?

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