Bart Blatstein is the owner of the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Blatstein invested heavily in Atlantic City when few, if any were risking capital.

Blatstein saved Stockton University from possible ruination, when he purchased The Showboat Atlantic City from Stockton.

Blatstein developed the largest indoor water park (by the beach) in America with ISLAND Waterpark … and, before that, a massive game room concept in Lucky Snakes.

Blatstein has real “skin” in the Atlantic City destination resort.

This gives Blatstein significant credibility and every right to be supremely disappointed in the cancellation of the Atlantic City Airshow 2024.

The headline here that Blatstein is unloading on Atlantic City … specifically, Blatstein is unloading about the cancellation of the Atlantic City Airshow 2024 and the role of the Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce.

Blatstein is not criticizing the City of Atlantic City directly.

And, for a very good reason. Airshow week brings tens of millions of dollars in economic spend for Atlantic City.

This mid-week business cannot be replaced otherwise.

We caught-up with Blatstein immediately following the Atlantic City Airshow 2024 cancellation.

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

Blatstein shared the following blunt comments:

As someone who believes in and is investing in Atlantic City to bring family entertainment to the boardwalk, I am so disappointed to learn of the cancellation of this year's Atlantic City Airshow. For more than two decades, the airshow has brought families together to watch from Atlantic City's beaches and boardwalk. The show delivers a major, and badly needed, economic boost to Atlantic City businesses. This means this weekend's live music extravaganza, the Peach at the Beach concert outside at Showboat Resort is the only outdoor live entertainment for a mass audience the entire summer. This is a great disappointment, said Blatstein.

Here is a link to our breaking news coverage … the first report anywhere on the cancellation of the Atlantic City Airshow 2024.

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