This past Earth Day, April 22nd, two schools went above and beyond to improve their environmental programs and were rewarded for their efforts.

For their determination and accomplishments, each school was given a $5,000 check.

Penns Grove High School in Carney's Point, Salem County, is positioning itself to make a big impact on Monarch butterflies.

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Vicki Palaganas, at science teacher at the school said, "90% of the population is completely eliminated, there is only 10% are left."

Penns Grove hopes that this will change things. They plan on using the money to help the captive butterflies breed by  purchasing more breeding nets, growth lights, and plants.

Clearly all that hard work paid off as it is one of two schools to receive the 2018 Environmental Community Service Award.

In Gloucester County, students at the Archbishop Damiano School in Westville worked around the clock to drastically improve their horticulture program.

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Linda McHugh, a teacher at the school, said, "We started very small with just a few butterfly bushes and we've grown and now we have a full-size greenhouse."

As a result of this, the Damiano School is able to help out local food pantries because they cultivate their own compost and grow produce that is eventually sent out.

A big congratulations to both schools! Keep up the great work!



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