MONROE TOWNSHIP (Gloucester) — A skydiver fell to his death after jumping from a plane on Wednesday afternoon.

Gloucester County Prosecutors Office chief investigator Thomas Gilbert said the man jumped from a plane flown by Skydive Cross Keys, a company that offers people the chance to leap based at the Cross Keys Airport in the Williamstown section of Monroe Township.

The man landed on the ground in the Sterling Glen Development around 1 p.m.

The identity of the man was not disclosed by Gilbert pending notification of family.

Map showing Cross Keys Airport and Sterling Glen Development in Gloucester Township
Map showing Cross Keys Airport and Sterling Glen Development in Gloucester Township (Canva)

Parachute failure?

Gilbert told Townsquare Media that a preliminary investigation has determined his parachute did not deploy. The investigation is ongoing to determine if the chute malfunctioned or if operator error was involved.

Residents of the Sterling Glen Development told 6 ABC Action News the man was "swirling" and appeared to not be awake.

This is the second fatal skydiving incident out of the Cross Keys Airport in the past four years.

Paul Haff Jr, an experienced jumper who had gone up over 1,200 times, died in 2019 when he went into an uncontrollable fall even after his parachute deployed.

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