We had a wide-ranging discussion with a Member of the Somers Point City Council regarding an old list (compiled by a student) that reportedly had the ingredients for (what has been determined-to-be) a non-lethal bomb.

We have been advised that the list was allegedly created by an 8th grade Somers Point, New Jersey student from The Saint Joseph Regional School.

Our source advised that a school staff member found the list while cleaning out a student’s desk this past Friday, June 10, 2022.

No police charges have been filed against the student. The Somers Point Police Department has confirmed that there was no credible threat that the public was ever in any danger whatsoever.

Because of the current escalation of school violence in America, this issue was treated with an appropriate level of caution.

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Our local government source confirmed the following material facts:

  • The student’s home was searched.
  • The school was meticulously searched with the use of a Somers Point Police Department bomb-sniffing dog.
  • No unlawful materials were found at the student’s home or at the school.

Our source believes that in simpler times, this would not have risen to this level of scrutiny.

However, under the circumstances and the present times that we live-in today, this was handled appropriately.

Somers Point authorities placed the student back with parents, where proper follow-up will take place.

SOURCE: Somers Point City Council Member.

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