Great news.

Deliveries are taking place at The Anchorage Tavern in Somers Point, New Jersey.

Customers have been waiting for 2 weeks for The Anchorage Tavern to reopen.

Your wait is almost over as The Anchorage Tavern and Restaurant is set to reopen tomorrow, Saturday, April 1, 2023.

If you missed our previous coverage about the latest news, here is a direct link to catch-up.

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On the day before the Somers Point City Council met in a special session, we caught-up with the new The Anchorage Tavern Mike Fitzgerald, who said:

"We plan on having our reopening this Saturday, April 1st. The website will be updated with additional details. We look forward to seeing everyone then.”

“Big thanks to everyone who helped us get here," said Fitzgerald.

The two-week closure was a byproduct of the liquor license. Transfer from one owner to the next.

Somers Point, New Jersey Police Chief Robert Somers did a great job navigating the labyrinth involved with conducting the required background investigation.

Somers Point City Council also displayed a sense of urgency to make this transaction happen.

The same can be said for attorney Alex Barrera, who did a great job representing Fitzgerald.

To The Anchorage Tavern we say … Welcome Back, the community has missed you.

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