We have written several articles recently about how much trouble businesses are having regarding filling various job openings.

Last week we shared the story of a McDonald’s restaurant that is offering $ 50 payments for each person who is willing to just show up for a job interview.

Today, a great friend, Michael Heath went to a WaWa store (in Somers Point, near the road to Longport), only to learn that it was closed due to a staffing shortage.

Here’s the note on the door at this local WaWa right now.

Photo by Michael Heath
Photo by Michael Heath

It’s been incredibly compassionate of the American people to fund the most generous unemployment benefits in American history.

America was going through an unprecedented crisis, so extraordinary measures were necessary.

Now, as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, these generous benefits actually encourage some people not to work.

This is a major problem. And, it’s unsustainable going forward.

We’re Americans. We don’t want anyone to be hurting. However, now is the time, if you’re able-bodied to get back to work.

Unless this issue is both properly and promptly addressed, countless employers will be faced with critical staffing shortages.

If you think this is a joke, did you ever think you would see a WaWa in our region closed ... with a sign posted that it is because of a staffing shortage ... and, they’ll be closed until further notice?

Government must never create a scenario whereby there’s a benefit for not working.

This philosophy of governance will ultimately break America. We must not allow this to happen.

It’s preventable.

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